whose words formed difficult curves

Rosa Luckow


The auditory intervention "whose words formed difficult curves" reflects on the inseparable link between the understanding and reception of a building, intertwined with its historical context. In the form of an echo, the work highlights the architectural instructions that, engraved within the building, guide visitors toward specific behaviors and movements.

Besides such choreographic phenomena, an almost imperceptible narrative emanates from the ticket office, establishing a one-sided dialogue between the futuristic relic and the observer. As if the architecture itself transforms into a living, breathing entity with facial expressions, gestures, and a multivoiced language.


Anastasia Akhvlediani
Lara Freimuth
Kurt Fritsche
Hanne Kaunicnik
Lilian Mikorey
Phuong Thao Nguyen
Will Spendlove
Basti Wallner

Many thanks to Luna Kolb, Lukas Muellerschoen and Carmen Arias

Photographic documentation: Alex Jeskulke


Guided visits: 29.09 from 3 to 5 pm or by appointment ([email protected])
Between the 6th and the 8th of October, the exhibition will remain closed due to parallel events in Olympiapark.

About the artist

Rosa Luckow is a visual artist coming from the field of medicine. In her artistic practice, she works through socio-cultural and psychological issues in the digital age, showing a strong interest in implicit knowledge, privacy as opposed to publicity, and power dynamics. Her research often forms site-specific installations, sculptures, and performances that address both visual and auditory perception. In addition, her artistic practice extends to code- and modular-based live performances, as well as a DJ practice under the pseudonym rosi96.

She co-runs the student lecture and workshop series Jour Fixe at AdbK Munich and oversees the residency program at NEUWorkshop. Recently, she co-curated a contribution to the Listening Biennial with Hanne Kaunicnik titled “Communal Listening with Possibilities of Regeneration”.

Since 2019, she has co-organized the Munich-based online community radio station Radio 80000, where she has initiated and curated various sound-related projects, including collaborations with Museum Brandhorst and documenta fiftheen.